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World Travel for Photo Shoots Equals Covers from around the World

Check these out!

Trail Runner June Issue (USA)
Bike 2015 Calendar Cover (Germany)
Trails Endurance May-June Issue (France)

TrailRunner June Issue, USA Magazine

TrailRunner June Issue, USA Magazine

Bike 2015 Calendar Cover, German Magazine

Bike 2015 Calendar Cover, German Magazine

Trails Endurance May-June Issue, French Magazine

Trails Endurance May-June Issue, French Magazine

Red Bull Rampage 2013

Red Bull Rampage 2013

Had a blast shooting Red Bull Rampage this past weekend.
Check out this shot snapped of Julian and I… not the only Markewitz behind the lens this time!

Life in Focus

Super stoked for the release of F-Stop Gear’s Life in Focus episode featuring yours truly, shot by Cameron Sylvester.

On The Move

After an incredible trip to Alaska, I came home and a few days later was on the move again. Friday I was shooting for Salomon at Snowbird, Saturday and Sunday shooting at Breckenridge, for Vail Resorts, on Monday shooting for Mountain Hardwear in Marin County, and on Tuesday and Wednesday back in Colorado shooting for Powder Magazine in Boulder and Aspen. It was a whirlwind trip with late night flights and a lot of driving, but really productive and a lot of fun.

It was nice to be home, but the action picks up again next week with back to back shoots in Kirkwood, Mammoth and Moab. Always on the move!




Sony NEX-7 – A Big Camera in a Little Body

I had the opportunity to test out the Sony NEX-7 camera this winter. It’s a small, mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses that’s only slightly larger than a point and shoot, and it has most of the features and image quality of a full size professional camera. What I’m most excited about is that it shoots 24 MP Raw files at up to 10 frames a second – a big plus for shooting any action sports.

I’ve had it in my pack as a backup camera, or sometimes I’ll ski around with it in my pocket and pull it out for quick shots on the mountain. I’ve put it to use in a variety of situations, from fast action at the X Games, cold deep powder in Utah, to spontaneous travel photos in Europe, and have been really impressed with the results and quality of the images so far. Especially in broad daylight, the image detail and dynamic range are really good.

There’s a lot packed into this camera, so it’s worth taking the time to learn all the functions, but overall the controls are pretty intuitive and the settings are easy to adjust on the fly. The autofocus works well when you need it and it has a cool feature that zooms when you want to focus manually so you can really dial it in. The low light capabilities and the size of the image buffer don’t stand up to a full size DSLR, but overall it’s an amazing little camera that is setting the stage for things to come.

Smaller, lighter, faster – that’s the future for everything electronic. The Sony NEX-7 is a big step in that direction and overall does a great job going head to head with my full size Nikon DSLR. I’ve been looking for a camera like this that I can grab and go, or take with me on long adventures when weight is an issue. Now that spring is here, I’m really looking forward to taking it with me in my Camelbak on long mountain bike rides and coming back with quality images.

Here are a few shots I’ve taken with the NEX-7 this winter. I’m excited to show you more soon….

Outside Television Video- Image Quest: Scott Markewitz

Check out this video piece from Outside Television:

The video features myself and mountain biker Eric Porter. We all had a great day out on the trails to shoot this and special thanks to Pete O’Brien for filming and to Broncolor and F-Stop for the gear!

Recent Magazine Features

I was excited to see my work featured on the February issue of Ski and Snowboard Magazine, as well as a spread running in this month’s issue of Mountain Magazine!

Ski and Snowboard Cover


Mountain Magazine Spread:




Marin Bikes Ad Campaign

Some of my work has recently been shown in an ad campaign for Marin Bikes!Side2-2 copy This shot featuring Mountain Biker, Tsering Alleyne was taken in Marin Country, California, which is just North of San Francisco. As with all great things, a lot of hard work went into getting this shot: we rode a very long way with heavy camera and strobe gear strapped on our backs, but as you can see, it was well worth it!

Behind the Scenes with Scott Markewitz X Canyons Blog

Recently I had the chance to head up to the Canyons Resort in Park City, UT, for a Bike Park photo shoot.  I was fortunate enough to have Joe Johnson from the Canyons Crew and his team tag along for some epic behind the scenes shots which later translated out to be an awesome write-up on the experience.  I’m stoked to share:

“We’ve all seen the shots. They grace the glossy covers of magazines, the home pages of web sites and the covers of brochures and trail maps. The composition is perfect. The colors are mind blowing. And the athletic feats captured, well, they’re just silly good. If you’re thinking that those images just happen – check that nonsense at the door. A photo shoot is a production. The planning  and execution that goes into getting the shots are just as, if not more important, than the act of snapping the photo.

I recently got the chance to tag along on a Canyons Bike Park photo shoot with Scott Markewitz, a man who has achieved legend status in the action sports photography world. From Powder Magazine to Bike Magazine and seemingly every other publication in between, Markewitz is known for nailing the shot. I shadowed Scott and tried my best to soak up as much information as possible so that you can get a real feel for what it’s like behind the scenes of a resort photo shoot. Here’s my take on how it all went down . . .

Contrary to popular belief, the real action starts weeks before the actual day of shooting. Preliminary phone conversations gave way to Scott dropping by the Canyons Marketing offices for a little face-to-face time. Photo shoot objectives were discussed, previous photos were viewed, trail maps were poured over in the name of location scouting, and the long term forecast was consulted.

With a week or so to go, Scott threw a leg over his bike and hit the Bike Park for some ol’ fashioned location scouting. He rode the trails, looking at the angles and features, making mental notes on where to shoot and where not to shoot. Then we checked the weather again . . .

With the shoot a few days out, mountain operations was pulled into the equation to nail down logistics. Early ups on Red Pine Gondola required staffing and scheduling changes. Vehicles and drivers had to be scheduled for on mountain transportation. Lift tickets had to be set up  for photographers and athletes. And the weather was checked again. . .

The day of the shoot dawned bright and early with everyone meeting at the base of Red Pine Gondola before 8 am. The last few drops of coffee were swallowed. Bikes and camera gear were given a final once over. The features and runs to be shot were discussed. And a plan of attack was put in place.

The crew.

With the plan as the guide, both athletes and Scott fell into a routine:

1. The feature was scoped out by Scott and the riders.
2. The riders gave feedback on the best way to hit the feature.
3. Scott decides on angle taking into account lighting and other awesome photography factors.
4. The riders line up.
5. Scott says go via radio.
6. The first rider hits the feature with as much style as possible.
7. Scott provides feedback on timing, style, etc.
8. The rider walks back up.
9. The next rider goes.
10. Repeat

As the athletes warmed up and began to get a feel for what Scott was looking for, the level of riding and tricks steadily progressed. Meanwhile, Scott kept busy doing his thing.”

Scott getting the shot.



I was psyched with how the shoot turned out! It definitely helps when you get lucky enough to work with such an enthusiastic Canyons crew and dedicated (and patient!) professional athletes. In the end we chalked up a really solid shoot carried with some sick action shots to boot, check em’ out!



A special thanks goes out to the Canyons Resort, David March, Steve Pastorino, Joe Johnson, the Canyons crew, all of the amazing athletes, and everyone else who helped put this Bike Park shoot together.  It was Epic!


If you want to check Joe’s full feature post on the Canyons Blog, click HERE

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Mountain Biking Around Mt Blanc with Matt Hunter

SMP X Mountain Biking Around Mt Blanc with Matt Hunter X An Epic Adventure


I was recently invited to join Matt Hunter and the Freeride Entertainment crew in Chamonix, France for a mountain bike journey around Mt. Blanc. Matt has been on a mission recently to do big adventure rides, and this one is a classic. I had done the same journey more than 10 years ago, and jumped at the chance to ride it again.



We spent the first 2 days riding around the Chamonix valley, getting warmed up and grabbing some establishing shots before starting our trek. The sun was out as we set out on our first day of the Tour du Mt Blanc, but it looked like showers were moving in for the afternoon, and we had a big day ahead of us, with over 5000 ft. of climbing and 2 mountain passes to cross. It was a spectacular day to start the journey, and (luckily) it didn’t start raining until a few minutes before we rolled into our hotel in Les Chapieux.


We woke up the next morning to driving rain pouring off the roof of the hotel. We had another big day ahead of us with at least one big mountain pass to cross, and no one was too excited about spending the day on the bike in the pouring rain. We decided to wait it out and see if it improved. After more than an hour the clouds started lifting and the rain let up, so we set out for a big climb up the Col de la Seigne. The rain came back in again as we reached the top of the pass, so we made our way down as fast as we could and rolled into Courmayeur a couple hours later, completely soaked.


We tried to ride the following day, but within minutes we were chased off the mountain by rain and lightning and ended up staying an extra day in Courmayeur. I don’t think anyone minded having the time off the bike to enjoy a day in a classic Italian mountain town.



The sun was shining and the weather was perfect the following morning, and for the next two days we didn’t see a cloud as we made our way through Italy, Switzerland and back to France around the Eastern side of the mountain. Mt Blanc was glowing in the late afternoon light as we rode back into the Chamonix valley to complete our journey around the highest peak in the Alps.



It was a spectacular ride with a great crew. I don’t think I can wait another 10 years to do it again!


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