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5th Annual Snowbird Workshop Photo Contest Winners

THIS JUST IN! Winner of the 5th Annual Snowbird Workshop Photo Contest are as follows:

1st Place: Miles Minno


2nd Place: Miles Minno


3rd Place: David Harris


Congrats to all who won and thanks to all who participated!

5th Annual Snowbird Workshop Photo Contest

Another very successful workshop this year resulted in some fantastic photos by all who participated! The consistent cloud cover and snowfall made for great skiing and interesting shooting conditions, but according to Scott “there is no such thing as bad light.”

You be the judge and vote for your favorite shot! Each Like will count as one vote for that photo. Additionally, comment on the photo telling us why you voted for it, and we will count that as another vote!

We have some awesome prizes for the winners this year including: an F-Stop bag, Sun Sniper camera straps and a Red Bull Illume book. So VOTE now! Also visit my Facebook page to vote again.

Special thanks goes out to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Broncolor, Sun Sniper USA, F-Stop Gear, Red Bull, GU Energy Labs, Discrete Headwear, DAKINE, COOLA Suncare, and all the skiers and snowboarders (Marcus Caston, Mark Kogelmann, Dan Rihm, Andrew Bird, Dylan Crossman, Amie Engerbretson, McKenna Peterson, and Eric Fabbri) for supporting this event and allowing us to have the best workshop yet! — at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

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Extreme Photo of the Week

So stoked to have a photo featured as National Geographic Adventure‘s Extreme Photo of the Week!
Check out the photo of Dash Longe dropping a 45-ft cliff at Brighton Ski Resort here in Utah!

Red Bull Rampage 2013

Red Bull Rampage 2013

Had a blast shooting Red Bull Rampage this past weekend.
Check out this shot snapped of Julian and I… not the only Markewitz behind the lens this time!

Latest Interview

Check out my latest interview with Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer that just came out today.

Life in Focus

Super stoked for the release of F-Stop Gear’s Life in Focus episode featuring yours truly, shot by Cameron Sylvester.

Changing Perspectives – Taking Advantage of the Rear Screen

A common complaint about point and shoot and other digital cameras with small or non-existent viewfinders is that it’s difficult to shoot using the rear screen, especially outdoors where the daylight can overpower the screen and make it difficult to see what you’re shooting.

Lately, I’ve been working with the Sony NEX-7 and a99 cameras, which both have electronic viewfinders and movable rear screens, and I’ve found some situations where the rear screen gives you some real advantages over the viewfinder.

First, it’s great for ‘run and gun’ style shooting where you can whip the camera out and shoot without taking the time to compose through the viewfinder, and capture a great moment that you might miss otherwise. Holding the camera away from your face also allows you to maintain eye contact with your subjects, which can put people more at ease in front of the camera and make it easier to capture more natural moments and expressions when you’re shooting portraits or lifestyle.


It’s also great to play around with the different perspectives you can get by shooting with the camera away from your face. Tilt the screen up, down or sideways and you can see what you’re shooting with the camera in almost any position. Having the freedom to move your camera around and still see the shot opens up a whole range of shooting options that can’t be achieved with your eye up to the viewfinder. In this shot I pushed my Sony a99 camera in really close for the shot and pulled it away at the last minute to avoid the rider.


I found another unexpected use of the rear screen on a recent project. I was on a mountain bike shoot in the desert, with my Sony NEX-7 in my pack and noticed some cool looking dead branches on the ground next to the trail. I thought it would be interesting to shoot through the branches, framing the mountain biker in the branches, but there was no way I could lie down on the ground to position the camera properly in the branches and get my face up to the viewfinder. I placed the NEX-7 on the ground and tilted the rear screen up so I could frame the shot exactly as I wanted while kneel a couple of feet behind the camera. Here’s what it looked like.


It feels natural to put the camera up to your eye and shoot thru the viewfinder. It’s the way we’ve all been doing it for years. But, the world of photography is changing rapidly and as cameras evolve it’s important to learn as much as possible about new camera features, and use them to your advantage to improve your craft. This is just one example where a simple feature that might be considered an annoyance can help you create better images.

Kings & Corn: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Kings & Corn has been one of my dream trips for years, so when I got the call for a shoot up there I jumped at the chance. Chugach Powder Guides’ signature trip combines heli accessed corn skiing and king salmon fishing into 5 days of non-stop adventure that may be the ultimate Alaska experience.

We arrived in Anchorage, packed our gear into a float plane and flew west to Winterlake Lodge, a beautiful lodge on a pristine lake surrounded by green hills with the glaciated peaks of the Tordrillo Mountains in the distance. June days are long in Alaska, but we made full use of the daylight and got in as much skiing and fishing as the conditions would allow. The highlight of the trip was a mountain top dinner followed by corn skiing under the midnight sun with amazing views of the the Kichatna Spires, Mt Foraker and Denali across the horizon.

Of course I had my f-stop pack (aka. The Angry Midget) loaded with camera gear for the majority of the shots, but I also had my Sony NEX-7 with me for those spur of the moment shots or times when I wanted to ‘run and gun’. It’s a great camera that’s really easy to use and the images stand up really well next to my larger DSLR. The more I use it, the more I get attached to it, and I don’t go anywhere without it now.

Here are a few highlights of the trip shot with the NEX-7. More to come!

“That’s So Cool!”

At Scott’s Kuhl shoot last weekend that would’ve earned you ten pushups. Stop whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, any time of day and work those triceps! Usually on shoots the crew will use this fun game to abate the use of certain four letter words. But, it seemed appropriate on this “Kuhl” shoot to let everyone know just how often they use this unusual temperature descriptor in their everyday language. Here are some shots showing Chessa Jones, Maria Hidalgo, Ephraim LearnedDavid Steiner, and Carol Beaver doing their pushups right in the middle of all the action:






On The Move

After an incredible trip to Alaska, I came home and a few days later was on the move again. Friday I was shooting for Salomon at Snowbird, Saturday and Sunday shooting at Breckenridge, for Vail Resorts, on Monday shooting for Mountain Hardwear in Marin County, and on Tuesday and Wednesday back in Colorado shooting for Powder Magazine in Boulder and Aspen. It was a whirlwind trip with late night flights and a lot of driving, but really productive and a lot of fun.

It was nice to be home, but the action picks up again next week with back to back shoots in Kirkwood, Mammoth and Moab. Always on the move!





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