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Capturing a double backflip on a Mountain Bike

Recently I was on a shoot in southern Utah with a Red Bull crew, there to capture Paul Basagoitia’s attempt at the first-ever double back flip on a mountain bike in natural terrain. I’ve worked with Paul many times and was excited to be there to photograph his attempt. If anyone could pull it off, it was Paul.

Double backflips have been done on man-made wooden ramps, dirt jump tracks and foam pits, but never in a natural environment. The jump was out in the desert, on a ridge exposed to the wind, with a bumpy, off-camber in-run to a quick, tricky takeoff and a steep, slippery landing. It wasn’t an ideal situation and the consequences were high. He could easily get injured in the attempt.

Every one knew this was a one shot deal, and if he pulled it off there would be no second attempt. We couldn’t miss the shot. There were two angles I really liked, so to get them both, I put a second camera (Nikon D3) with a fisheye lens on a tripod close to the jump with a PocketWizard Plus III attached to it and set myself in the other location 200-plus yards away with another Plus III unit on my main camera, a Nikon D3S. I set them both on transceive (TxRx mode), Channel 1 and fired away as Paul hit the jump, getting shots from both angles at the same time.

I put the second camera behind a wooden Teva sign under the jump to keep it inconspicuous for the video crew. To be sure there was no interference from the sign or anything else around the camera, I put the Plus III on the ground with the antenna pointed on a line of sight to my shooting position, connected to the camera with a standard Nikon/PocketWizard cord about 18 inches long.

There were some tense moments and a few crashes, including one hard impact the first day which gave Paul a minor concussion. We thought it was over at that point, but Paul came back the next day with renewed energy. After a few practice jumps and one minor crash, he nailed a massive double back flip, landing perfectly and riding away on a partially broken frame. It was an incredible shoot, and an inspiring moment to witness another big step forward in the never-ending progression in the sport of mountain biking.

– Scott

Thanks to PocketWizard for contributing to this post.

Third Annual Scott Markewitz Photo Workshop – Snowbird Ski Resort

SMP x Shoot like a Pro

I’m excited to announce my Third Annual Scott Markewitz Photo Workshop that’s taking place this coming February 9 – 12 at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

Attendees of my Workshop will “learn about all aspects of ski and winter outdoor photography with morning and evening classroom sessions and on-hill practice photographing professional skiers and snowboarders in action.”

I’m really stoked to get at this again, it gets better and better every year. And with all the recent snowfall we’ve been having, this should make for some amazing turns and great accessibility of the mountain. This will be an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone, and will challenge students creatively, technically and physically. Snowbird is the perfect venue for this workshop. I’m really looking forward to showing participants the incredible snow, terrain, scenery and photographic opportunities that the resort has to offer.

Spec’s on the Scott Markewitz Photography Workshop:

Four days of instruction both on the mountain and in the classroom as well as three nights at the Cliff Lodge

Lift tickets, early Trams and breakfast.

Workshop costs $1,250 (double occupancy, plus taxes and fees), and interested parties can register by calling Snowbird Central Reservations at (800) 453-3000.

For locals who don’t require lodging and/or lift tickets, please feel free to contact me directly at

“All participants should have a basic understanding of digital photography and be able to ski or snowboard most areas on the mountain comfortably while carrying their own camera gear. Students are required to bring their own DSLR camera with assorted lenses, a backpack to carry their equipment while riding, a laptop with Photoshop installed (CS2 or higher – also recommended to have other image processing software such as Lightroom, Aperture and/or Photo Mechanic), a memory card reader, at least one external hard drive for storage, and must be ready with the proper ski/snowboard equipment for any conditions.”

Can’t wait to see you all up there!

For more information regarding the Third Annual Scott Markewitz Photo Workshop, click HERE – or – feel free to visit my website:

For more happenings that are going on at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, click HERE to visit their website.

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Behind the Scenes X Twilite Lounge

SMP x Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago I got to go behind the scenes with outdoor photography legend, Scott Markewitz. Only this time I was able to see Scott in new light, literally. In this section of Behind the Scenes with SMP, Scott decides to show off his lighting skills by braving the indoors — at the Twilite Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT.

One of the greatest challenges of shooting in the outdoors is conquering proper lighting. Scott being extremely strong in this area of expertise, put his knowledge and skills to use indoors where the dark areas are abundant.

This was a fun lifestyle project. Scott was out to capture real people in real life situations. In this given scenario, he wanted to keep true to the authenticity of what you might expect to find in the local night life scene.

If only I looked that cool taking the cue ball deep to the pockets..

As always, it’s humbling to see this guy taking his lens to new limits and new settings. To check out some more of Scott’s work, check out his website by clicking HERE. Also, be sure not to miss out on Scott’s upcoming photography workshop taking place at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Feb. 9-12. For more details on this epic event click HERE.

Thanks to Chris Stringham, Twilite Lounge, Chris Swainston, and all of those who contributed to this post.

- Twilite Lounge is located at 347 East 200 South Salt Lake City, UT 84111
- To check out more of Chris Swainston’s photography, click HERE.

Picture of the day: Bike Magazine

SMP x Picture of the Day: Bike Magazine

I thought this was pretty cool – I made picture of the day on

Tuesday, January 17, 2012:

Park City, UT

I’m excited to have my work featured on Bike Magazine. To check out the full article click here. And you if want to see some more of my bike shots click here.




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